Offshore Company Incorporation


n International Business Corporation (IBC) or offshore company is commonly set up in tax haven like the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Marshall Islands or Seychelles. Prubiz, your one-stop Singapore corporate service provider, offers offshore company incorporation services to help you set up in your company in these tax havens.


These countries do not ask for taxes on corporate or personal income or have taxes on capital gains, gifts, death or wealth. There are no exchange controls, and minimum red tape.

Offshore Company Incorporation Services

With transparent, highly-competitive pricing and timely, committed support, your offshore company registration can be done in an hour.


We offer services for company incorporation in various offshore locations

➢ British Virgin Islands
➢ Seychelles
➢ Cayman Islands
➢ Marshall Islands
➢ Mauritius
➢ Brunei

Our Team also advises on the relevant offshore company based on client’s requirements and needs.