Advisory & Business Consultancy

Advisory & Business Consultancy

nce the company is established it becomes extremely important to get the appropriate working structure in place to take advantages of all treaties and also create global presence with efficient tax planning.


We at Prubiz assist in restructuring companies based on the business requirements.


Our Team helps business to get the strategic decision on budgeting right from the inception for a healthy growth of business. Budgeting is one of the most important procedures in businesses. Budgeting also helps forecast future sales figures or the cash flow of the company during a certain period. Decisions taken are vital due to their financial implications for years to come.

General Business Advisory

Prubiz has a team of business advisory professionals who are experienced and well-trained in assisting our clients chart their strategy, align operational processes and most importantly, enhance profitability. As our client’s business advisors, we do more than just recommending. We are committed to working closely with our clients as a team to achieve their business goals.

Business License Service

Business activities in Singapore are regulated and a license is required before commencing activities. You can engage our services in determining the required license and assist you in the license application with our knowledge and experience.

 Patents and Trademark registration

Our Team at Prubiz will advise on the various methods available and will connect you to the right team of experts for the registration.

 Corporate Structures

With today’s changing environment and the entrepreneurship era, new start up requires effective corporate shareholding structure with various rounds of funding. Our Team at Prubiz assists to design the effective corporate structure for the owners to raise capital and at the same time maintain the control for the effective running of the business.